Waiting families


Dear birth parents, meet Ryan and Megan.

Ryan and Megan live in Northern Wyoming near the Big Horn Mountains.  They are hoping to start a family and ideally will have at least two children (more if they are lucky!). They are very much in love and know they will provide a wonderful and exciting life for a child who needs an adoptive home.  They haven’t been able to conceive naturally and do not want to proceed with IVF or other medical methods of becoming pregnant.  They both agree that adoption is the next step in building their family.  Even if they become pregnant naturally, they hope to include adoption as a part of their family plan.  

Ryan grew up in rural Indiana, a Hoosier at heart.  He is the eldest of three boys and quite protective of his younger brothers (and family as a whole!).  Ryan works in medical sales.  His company creates specialized wheelchairs for patients with severe disabilities.   Providing this resource for patients throughout Wyoming and Montana has been a rewarding occupation.  He is a fitness enthusiast and exercises nearly every day.  He likes challenging his body in new ways and maintains a very active lifestyle.  He does this with many of his favorite past times including mountain biking, weightlifting and golf.  His dedication to his health and wellbeing inspires his family to do the same.  Ryan is also a music fanatic.  He has been playing guitar for over 20 years and frequently enjoys late night jam sessions.  Some of his favorite artists include the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Pearl Jam.  Ryan is tall (really tall), six feet and 7 inches.  Ryan and Megan spend a lot of time trying to find size 17 shoes.  It is kind of like a losing scavenger hunt.  

Megan is the youngest of three children and the only girl.  She has always been a bit of a tomboy, battling to keep up with her older brothers.  She is a hematology and oncology physician.  She has dedicated her career to help cancer patients achieve a cure or find peace in their final days.  She LOVES animals, especially dogs.  Her favorite pass time is hiking in the Big Horn Mountains with Ryan and their dogs Kaya and Finn.  Megan is learning about wildlife photography.  It is a great combination of her favorite activities; hiking, the outdoors, and having big adventures with her family.  When she is on vacation you will frequently find her deep in Yellowstone Park with a camera strapped around her neck hoping to catch a glimpse of a wolf.  She also likes getting her hands in the dirt with gardening and growing plants and flowers.  She finds satisfaction with successfully nurturing home grown vegetables or creating beauty around the house and yard with flowers and plants.  In her down time, she will have her nose in a book relaxing with the dogs always nearby.  

Megan’s Mother and Stepfather live in the same town and are eager to welcome an adopted grand baby into the family (along with the rest of Ryan and Megan’s extended family!).  They will undoubtedly be very involved grandparents.  As a group the foursome frequently spends time participating in the local activities of their small mountain town.  Lately this includes cheering on the local high school basketball and football teams, fly fishing classes, strolling through the local farmer’s market, or creating a delicious dinner at one another’s homes.  Megan’s brother lives nearby in Bozeman, Montana with his wife and two children.  As a group they enjoy the outdoors, this year they hiked the Hyalite Mountains and tubed the Madison River.  Ryan’s Brothers and their families live in the Midwest and while they cannot visit as often as everyone would like, they do get to visit each other at least 1-2 times per year.  This time is often spent playing or watching basketball or soaking up the beach at Ryan’s family lake house in Michigan.  

Ryan and Megan want to thank you for giving them an opportunity to be a family.  They know that having a child will expand their love and lives in 1000 different ways, many of which they have yet to fully understand.  

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