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Carol has dedicated her life to working with children and families. Following graduation from the University of Wyoming where Carol earned a Bachelor of Social Work, she worked with youth in residential treatment and later worked for the state investigating child abuse and neglect.

In 1988, Carol began her work with Wyoming Children’s Society working with adoptive families and with young women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Carol and her husband, Steve, have raised four children, three of whom were adopted from Korea.


Kristin Burkart

Kristin and her husband, Brent, were very fortunate to be able to work with the Wyoming Children’s Society in the adoption of their daughter in 2010.  Through that adoption, Kristin became passionate about adoption and helping other families through the process.  Kristin volunteered on the Gala Committee from 2011 through 2021 and was a board member from 2018 through 2021 before becoming the CEO of the Wyoming Children’s Society in late 2021.  Kristin brings a unique set of skills to the agency and looks forward to contributing to the mission in her new capacity.

When Kristin isn’t working, she enjoys traveling, camping, exploring the outdoors, reading, and watching movies.


  • If I could go to lunch with anyone, it would be my mom, John Maxwell and Valorie Burton.  My mom has always been an inspiration to me and I would give anything to go to lunch with her one more time.  John Maxwell and Valorie Burton are my favorite motivational speakers, life coaches and authors.  
  • If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d buy would be a beach house in Kauai, Hawaii!
  • I have two nicknames at home.  My dad calls me Sis because I was the oldest of four girls and the rest of my family and dear friends call me Mimi.  My best friend’s oldest daughter couldn’t say Kristin when she was little so she started calling me Schmimi which eventually and thankfully was shortened to Mimi and now they all call me that!



Kristi graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2007 with her Bachelor of Social Work. She and her husband, Andrew, are natives of Cheyenne. With the aid of Wyoming Children’s Society, they adopted two siblings from Russia in 2010.

 Kristi began working for Wyoming Children’s Society in 2008. She enjoys supporting families through the process of international and domestic adoption as well as working with birth parents.

About me

  • When I was a child, I wanted to be a dispatcher.
  • I have 3 dogs whose names are Sophie, Wren and Rosie.
  • My favorite season is summer.



Adoption has always been part of Liz’s life. Her mom, Carol, served as the director of the agency since Liz was a child and she spent many days here at the office. Liz’s three siblings joined their family through adoption, so she doesn’t know any different but is sure there isn’t anything better! 

 Liz works full-time in the public school system in Denver and loves this important work. She has always remained grateful to remain close to Wyoming and be able to work part-time in both Colorado and Wyoming, continuing her work in the field of adoption. 

 When Liz isn’t working, she enjoys exploring Denver’s many restaurants and music venues, traveling with family, and reading as many books as possible. 

About me

  • My favorite books are American Marriage, Daisy Jones & The Six, and (always) To Kill a Mockingbird.
  • If I could have any superpower, it would be invisibility. I could finally people-watch and eavesdrop without it being weird!
  • My favorite season is fall. It feels new and fresh and I wish it lasted longer!

Social worker | cheyenne


Susanna graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2006 where she earned her Master of Social Work.  Since graduating, Susanna has worked on a healthcare patient satisfaction research project, a mental health FMRI research project and an international research project evaluating services for women and children internationally.

In 2016, Susanna joined the team at Wyoming Children’s Society. Susanna is married to Jason Bird and together they have six children. Susanna and Jason’s extended families have both been touched by adoption and Susanna is grateful to be a part of an organization whose mission is to support and strengthen families through the adoption process.

About me

  • My favorite ice cream flavor is anything with chocolate, caramel and nuts!
  • When I was a child, I wanted to be a forest ranger. I loved being outside as a child something that has carried over into my adult years.
  • My first car was a Ford Fairmont (light blue, former Department of Agriculture vehicle).

Social worker | casper


In 2007, Christy graduated from the University of Denver with her Master of Social Work. She has worked in the field with children and families in numerous capacities including; mental health, addictions, the criminal justice system and human services. Christy and her husband, Quintin, reside in Casper where they are grateful to raise their four sons. 

Christy started working with Wyoming Children’s Society in 2014. As an adoptee herself, she has a personal perspective and understanding about the process of adoption. She believes it is a great honor to work with the birth families and adoptive families this agency serves.

About me

  • My favorite color is turquoise and any shade close.
  • My favorite childhood memory is riding horses with my family in the great outdoors of Wyoming.
  • My first car was an 80’s Wood trimmed Grand Jeep Wagoneer. The only reason I was viewed as “fairly cool” driving this around in high school, was due to being able to drive before most of my friends and being able to fit a lot of people in it! I gave it the respect it deserved as my very proper Grandmother gave it to me. 

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