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Professional affiliations


Hague Accredited

Wyoming Children’s Society is Hague accredited through the Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity, IAAME, for inter-country adoption. IAAME-accredited agencies meet rigorous standards of practice and are committed to program integrity and excellence.

The Wyoming Confidential Intermediary Program

The Wyoming Children’s Society is a founding member and leading influence in the Wyoming Confidential Intermediary Program, a statutorily-created program established in 1991 that permits access to adoption records by a court appointed intermediary when a reunion is sought by mutually willing adoptees and their birth parent(s). We assist in training and assistance to court appointed intermediaries in the performance of their duties

Children’s Home Society of America

Wyoming Children’s Society is one of 24 member agencies of Children’s Home Society of America. The Children’s Home Society of America members are leading organizations serving children and families in communities throughout the U.S. While services provided by members vary, each strives to improve the lives of vulnerable children. Member agencies hold these core service goals in common:

  • Promoting healthy child development
  • Ensuring safe and loving homes for children
  • Engaging communities for children’s success


Wyoming Department of Family Services and Colorado Department of Human Services

Wyoming Children’s Society is licensed by Wyoming Department of Family Services and Colorado is licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services.

Raise the Future

(Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Nevada)

We have supported Raise the Future  since its creation. Raise the Future features photo listings of children available for adoption, as well as adoptive families waiting for placement, for the purpose of assisting public child welfare agencies in achieving permanency for children in foster care.

Wyoming Nonprofit Network

Wyoming Children’s Society is a proud member of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network allowing us to work closely with other nonprofits around the state to provide resources for the women, children, and families we work with.  The Wyoming Nonprofit Network represents the collective voice of the Wyoming charitable nonprofit sector and brings best practices, resources, and support to Wyoming Children’s Society.  


Wyoming Children’s Society has developed an impactful partnership with BraveLove, a dedicated support network that allows us to provide additional resources for our expectant moms and birth moms.  Together, Wyoming Children’s Society and BraveLove aim to empower women, offering them support and information to make informed decisions about their unplanned pregnancies.

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