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Hi there!

We are Jake, Tori, and Miller! We want to begin by expressing so much appreciation for you and your journey. We are so excited to be an adoptive family and hope we are the right fit for you!

We are college sweethearts and have been together for nearly 12 years now! We met in San Diego, California and now we live in central Wyoming. We have a little boy named Miller, who is the best thing that ever happened to us (until we add another!). We love inviting friends to our home for playdates, dinner dates, and get-togethers. We enjoy traveling with our extended families all over the world. We are lucky enough to each have 2 siblings that we are very close with, and would like our children to have the same experience! Being loyal and kind are two very important things to us in raising our children. And having a happy healthy home is something we are very proud of in building a family.

We have each felt strongly about adopting before we became a couple, making it something we were determined to do together after we got married. We were very blessed to be able to have our son after struggling with infertility, but have unfortunately experienced 3 miscarriages since, and now have been diagnosed with secondary infertility. Rather than pursue more intense fertility treatments, we feel it is the right time for us to welcome another beautiful baby into our lives via adoption!

Jake grew up in Laurel, Montana with his parents, older brother and younger sister. He was raised playing every kind of sport that he could, but his major love was baseball. He believes whole-heartedly in the importance of helping others, which is why he currently works as a firefighter and a rope rescue technician. He loves being active in the gym, on the golf course, and the biking trail. Jake believes in creating a home structure for our children to feel like we are raising them with great love and purpose.

Tori grew up in Fullerton, California with her parents, younger sister and younger brother. Like Jake, she also played every sport she could, but basketball was her favorite. She has always had a great passion for art, and continues to work as an artist today. Tori has the gift of being a stay-at-home mom full time, with an art studio space in the house to work when Miller naps. Tori believes in making the home a safe space for any and all children to feel comfortable enough to express themselves and grow into their unique personalities.

Miller is 2 years old and is very outgoing, social, and so loving. He absolutely loves transportation vehicles, but the fire truck is his favorite! He loves the water in all forms and is signing up for swim lessons very soon. What Miller loves more than anything is our family. His aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins are his most cherished people. He facetimes everyone in the family multiple times a week, some even twice a day.

Whatever child we are blessed with will be an equal to our existing child, and will be welcomed with so much love from our families and friends. We could not be more excited to expand our family and hope we feel right for you!

Sending you all the love in your journey,

Jake, Tori, and Miller


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