Waiting families



First, we want you to know that while we haven’t met you yet, we think of you often. About the choice you’re making, and the immense difficulty associated with it. Our hearts feel for you. When we meet you, we hope we can give you a hug and take some of the weight you’re bearing.

Thank you for reading about our family, which includes Erin, David, and Max. Erin and David met while in college at the University of Wyoming. It was love at first sight for Erin, but it took David a little time to catch on. Specifically, it took Erin asking him out on a date without him realizing it, a few more years, and a Facebook message to seal the deal. We got engaged in 2015 and were married in 2016. It rained so much on our wedding day that our ceremony site flooded. Everyone kept telling us that the rain was good luck. We think they were right.

In 2020, we welcomed our beautiful son, Maxwell, to the world. Erin suffered complications after Max’s birth and can no longer carry a biological child. However, we always wanted more than one child. We always imagined our home being full of unconditional love and a little chaos, with multiple children bouncing off the walls. After learning more about adoption, we know this is the right path to complete our family. So, now, we are ready to welcome a second child into our
lives and bring on that chaos.

We live in Cheyenne on a property with about five acres. We have two crazy dogs, Ellie and Balto, and we love spending time outside with them. We have a large greenhouse and spend much of our time “digging in the dirt” (Max’s words), growing delicious produce for our family.

We also love hitting golf balls on our property, throwing frisbees for Ellie (Balto is our lazy, snuggly guy), and enjoying beautiful sunsets on our deck. When it’s too cold to be outside, Erin spends her free time knitting, doing embroidery, and reading embarrassing novels. David enjoys woodworking, reading, and working on house projects. 

While David and Erin started out with the same degree (molecular/microbiology), their careers diverged onto very different paths. Erin is a lawyer with a Cheyenne law firm and is lucky enough to put her argumentative side to good use as a civil litigator. She loves that her job is flexible; she is able to work from home often and adjust her schedule around Max. David is a counselor at a high school in Cheyenne and while he doesn’t get to work from home, it appears
that he is “always on summer break” (Erin’s words). In all seriousness, David’s job allows him to spend afternoons and holiday breaks with Max, which is genuinely his favorite thing to do.

Our favorite thing to do as a family is explore the world. Max has been to three countries in his three years and some of Erin and David’s fondest memories are in the vineyards of Italy and the bustling streets of Hong Kong. We also love exploring locally by taking our dogs hiking,
exploring museums, and participating in community events. When not exploring, we love to host family and friends at our house. Erin is often whipping up elaborate meals, resulting in a massive clean up effort from David. We are fortunate enough to have many close friends in Cheyenne and our families about 4 hours away. Our parents are dedicated (read: obsessed) grandparents that never turn down an opportunity to visit Max. We know they will be just as excited about and obsessed with their newest grandbaby.

We’re nearing (possibly already exceeded) our 600-word limit, so we have to wrap this up.

We can’t wait to meet you. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it.                                                             

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