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Hello! Thanks for looking at our profile! Nate and I are grateful for your time and consideration. We wish you the best in this life, and especially this particular point in time.

I guess we’ll tell you a little about ourselves. We live out in the country on our own place, next to Nate’s parents. In 2019 we adopted our son, Alex! As cliché as it sounds, he’s our world. He is sweet, funny, brave, and a just happy kid. We pretty much live a simple hobby farm life. We have horses, a cow, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, and a garden. I must say, they are fun and bring lots of activity and entertainment, especially to Alex.

 Nate works hard providing for us all, and has fun working on tractors, beefing up our trucks, fishing, and is often helping others. Alex “helps” Nate with everything he can. I own my own small business working with horses and people, and Alex goes with me when Nate is at work. It’s great that our schedules allow us to always be with Alex. We love spending time as a family working on our place, visiting friends and family, or exploring outside. Sometimes we just relax by watching movies too. We are very grateful for the country life. 

 We’ve been married since 2010, and cannot have kids of our own. Alex is The Blessing of our lives, and deserves a sibling, or two, or three 🙂 . We both have siblings, and there is no other bond like it. Our son brings us so much joy and love that we want to grow our family and keep multiplying it all, plus all the fun! Our extended family is great. We have 12 nieces/nephews, and we love them very much. Nate’s side of the family is just down the road, and no more than 2 hours away. My side lives in other states, which makes visits fun and special.

 We grew up in very different ways. My Dad was in the Air Force for the beginning of my childhood. I got to live in a handful of different places (including the country of Panama) and I have experienced different cultures. Even though we moved a lot, our stability was our family; we always had each other. Nate was raised on his family cattle ranch. He has the experience of life-long friends and community; and taking care of others. Our different experiences, but love of the same country life, make us an amazing team. God had a plan for us to meet, and still has a plan for us to grow a family through adoption. We find peace in that. We hope you find peace in knowing there is a plan for you, and your baby too.

Thank you again, for reading a little about us. If you have questions, please reach out and ask.
Adoption is a huge deal and we’ll be glad to answer questions.

Best wishes to you,
~Nate + Andrea & Alex

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