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Dear Birth Parent,

We appreciate the time you are taking to consider us as adoptive parents.  We have struggled to conceive on our own for the past seven years and our path has lead us here-  to opening our hearts and home to an adoptive child. We have thought very intentionally about this decision and truly believe we have something unique and special to offer.

 A Little Bit About Us:

We met playing soccer in college. Brandon was quiet and a bit of an introvert and Haley was talkative and outgoing. Haley was so intrigued by Brandon’s kindness and intellect and Brandon was drawn to Haley’s energy and positive outlook. Gradually we started spending more time together studying and listening to music and eventually became inseparable.  Haley felt so accepted and loved by Brandon’s family and Brandon felt the same with Haley’s.  Some of our favorite memories from this time are hanging out in the dorms deep in conversation, sharing each other’s favorite music and scraping enough money together to go on ski trips. 

We spent all of undergrad dating and navigating the world together, working multiple jobs while in school and overcoming challenges together with grace and determination.  Brandon is a high school history teacher and varsity girls soccer coach and Haley is a pharmacist working with veterans with pain and addiction.

Our Interests: 

In our free time we like to garden, attend sporting events and concerts together. Haley skis and Brandon snowboards. Haley loves to run and read. Brandon writes poetry,  creates art, and enjoys cooking. Together we love to explore the world around us, experiencing new cultures and the beauty and food they have to offer. We like to escape as often as we can to connect with nature by going on hikes, fishing and camping.

Our Promise to You:

We are beyond excited to expand our family. We will give this child a safe and loving home. A home where they can be whoever they want to be and express themselves and explore the world without fear or judgement.  We will tell them the story of how they came to us so they know the sacrifices you made for them to give them this opportunity. 


Haley and Brandon McHenry

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