Waiting families


Hello, we are Gilbert and Courtney, and we want to thank you for your consideration and for your time spent reading our letter and learning more about us.

We met in 2014 when Courtney came to a dinner party Gil was hosting. Courtney’s brother invited her and we hit it off right from the get go. After dating for a couple years, Gil proposed after Courtney’s graduation and we were wed one year later.

Since then we have been on a few adventures, a few travels, and been by each other’s side during loss and hard times, including our infertility battle. We have two dogs, Groot and Timber, that we absolutely adore and they are definitely our sidekicks. They go on almost every adventure with us, and even make their way into work with us on the rare occasion. Speaking of work, we have also gotten the unique chance to work together. Gil teaches first grade at our
school and Courtney teaches K-8 technology. We have also taken on some coaching and leadership roles as well. Gil and Courtney both coached a youth hockey team, Gil coached High School Hockey, and Courtney is leading a lego robotics club at our school. Needless to say, we enjoy working with kids and love to see them grow. We also have it on good authority from several of our students that we would be fun parents.

After we were married, we wanted to start our family right away. We have always wanted to be parents and looked forward to that adventure. We have always wanted to adopt too, Courtney’s mom was adopted, but we weren’t sure if we should adopt or attempt to get pregnant first. We talked at length and decided to try to get pregnant to start. After a year of unsuccessful attempts, we sought help and were referred to an infertility clinic in Fort Collins. Sadly, these
attempts did not help us find success either. We felt this was God’s way of letting us know adoption was the path for us and we were more than happy to take that path.

We know giving your child up for adoption is difficult, but also very brave. We promise we can love, cherish, and have fun with your child for their whole life. We know children are precious and need love, patience, and challenges to grow and we can give them that. After talking to several of our friends, several with kids, they felt the same way. They brought up our interests, Courtney can cook and craft like crazy and loves volleyball and basketball, Gil loves hockey and built and programmed his own arcade, and said we would be fun parents, not just for our abilities, but also for the love we have to give another human being. We promise we would provide a loving home for your child and they would have endless love and support no matter what their passions were.

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